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iLEAD - Leadership at all levels

All organisations are looking for ways to engage and motivate their people to deliver extraordinary results. This inspiring keynote debunks the idea that leadership is the privilege of a chosen few at the top of the organisation. We uncover the power of modern organisations such as Apple, Google and Virgin, who promote the idea that leadership happens at all levels. Organisations that inspire everyone who works for them, to ‘lead’ – regardless of their position on the org chart. Releasing the power and potential of the individual, motivating your people to excel in their roles and take on the iLEAD challenge.
Your delegates will be challenged through the following key messages:

i – I am the ‘i’ in leadership – leadership is my responsibility

L – Leadership happens at all levels – not just at the top

E – Exploring new ways of doing things better

A – Attitude – let’s do it – positive achieving results

D – Drive and energy to make things happen

Do Less – Lead more: Leadership and the art of doing nothing

In this energetic and interactive keynote, we share stories and experiences and show your leaders how to ‘do less and lead more’. We will get them developing their own strategy to reorder their priorities and get leading. He will give them a range of practical tools to start making changes immediately.

From this high impact and practical keynote presentation, your delegates will learn:

  • How to step out of management and into leadership
  • How to achieve more but do less
  • How to create a culture that motivates and inspires your people
  • How to get your people motivated about doing more work
  • How to be a change leader and get everyone on board.
Leading Women

In this keynote presentation our facilitators use humour to explore the way men and women interact in the workplace and highlights the value of encouraging women in leadership roles and the benefits organisations will gain. ‘Moving women into leadership positions is not an issue of social justice; it is all about the bottom line’. We demonstrate how the innate leadership qualities of both men and women – if integrated – can create dynamic and high performing organisations. This keynote encourages greater collaboration between men and women not only to reduce conflict but to create competitive advantage.

What your delegates will take away from this keynote:

  •  An appreciation of the innate leadership skills inherent to men and women
  • What the stats are saying about inequality for women in the workforce
  • How organisations are losing profits and competitive advantage if they ignore these issues
  •  What it could look like – ‘Towards an integrated model’
  •  How women can break the glass ceiling or walls in their organisations
  •  How men should encourage more women into leadership positions.