WELLNESS EVENTS that Educate, Inspire, Change
Team building – getting the basics right

In this session we discuss the basics of how teams work by engaging your people and drawing on their personal experience. They will be introduced to models to help them understand how an effective team works and then do some exercises together to practically demonstrate the principles.

Team building – making it work:

This session is for teams that have worked together for a while and want to grow into a high performance team. We introduce this session with some research and definitions around high performance teams then get your people engaged in a number of increasingly complex games and outdoor exercises.

Team building - using DiSC profiling:

In this session we draw on Mark‟s background as a clinical psychologist as well as the popular DiSC personality profile to understand human behavior, identify possible conflicts and to produce a team map for discussion. This is always a fun and enlightening session that creates greater understanding and acceptance across the team and uncovers areas for focus to improve team effectiveness.

Motivating your team

This session focuses on how to generate positive energy as a leader as well as a team member. The greater the energy circulating through your team the more you will get done. In this session we will explore the principles of motivation and explore easy and practical ways of motivating your teams and achieving more.

Mastering your time and your life

Everywhere in life there is growing pressure to produce more in the same amount of time. In this session we will explore some of the most effective ways to improve personal productivity giving your people a wide variety of practical ways to make the most of their time.

Dealing with stress and anxiety

This session provides the tools to use when the pressure is on. Stress and anxiety at work is becoming an increasing concern and is responsible for decreased productivity and efficiency. We explore the causes of stress as well as practical ways to manage and reduce stress and anxiety when it occurs.

Get what you want out of life and work

Achieving work life balance is still a key concern for people working in high stress environments. In this session your people will receive practical wisdom and advice gained over more than 25 years coaching and training in this area.

Emotional intelligence – for better relationships

This session explores the principles of Emotional Intelligence (EQ), helps you assess the key areas individuals need to work on to improve their EQ and how it can be used on a day to day basis to more effectively deal with managers, peers and direct reports.

Collaboration – for business growth

Collaboration across organisations is one of the easiest ways to find economies of scale, flexibilities and efficiencies. This session looks at the principles of collaboration in modern organisations and gets the participants exploring ways greater collaboration can add value to your business.

Collaborative leadership – breaking down the silos

In this session we will present ways leaders can encourage and realise greater collaboration in your organisation. We will also provide a range of practical tools they can use to achieve this.